Handy Squad in partnership with nCube Home would like to make all your Homes smart!

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Control your whole Home in one Single App!

Meet the nCube Home Hub and free app that will transform any home into a Smart Home!

Comfort & Convenience

Take control of your own energy consumption and start saving on your energy bills - be environmentally friendly!

Energy Management & Savings

Protect and manage your home from anywhere with just a few simple clicks and no monthly fees! - A real peace of mind!

Treat yourself with the luxury & comfort of a smart home and spend more time doing things that matter to you! - Indulge yourself!

Benefits of a Connected Home

Home Entertainment

Safety & Security

From a movie night, to a romantic dinner or a house party, you can set up the mood you want in one simple click- Make your home a fun place!

Add as many smart devices as you like! nCube is compatible with over 120 devices from different brands.

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Get the nCube Home Hub

With the nCube smart home app, control your whole home from anywhere in the world.

The nCube smart home hub is the brain of your home connecting all your smart devices together.



Connect your smart devices

nCube home transforms any home into a smart one in 3 easy steps! 

You can start enjoying all the benefits that a connected home can provide

The App

Control, monitor and automate your home from anywhere with one single app!

With the nCube Intuitive app, you will be able to control your whole home from anywhere in the world. Instead of having several apps for each smart home device, the nCube app will act as the single point of interaction with your home.

The app can be set for multiple users. Due to its simplicity and Intuitive Use, anyone will be comfortable using it.

Old or new, owned or rented property, the nCube hub transforms any house into a connected home. All you have to do is connect the nCube hub to your wifi router with the provided LAN cable or simply by using the wifi.

Your Home is your Castle

nCube Home, the brain at the heart of your home

At nCube, we take privacy very seriously. One of our unique feature is your privacy. Because of our unique box and technology, your information is never sent out to central servers or stored in the cloud. Instead it stays on your device in your home – meaning it’s much more private.

The nCube smart home hub act as the brain of your home connecting all your devices together. Smart home devices with different communication protocols, wifi, lan, zwave or Bluetooth, connect with the nCube Home that act as the bridge between them. The hub connects with the nCube app from where you can control everything. 

nCube Home hub for a truly smart home!

The Hub

You can start by adding just a few smart home gadgets to start with and slowly add more to get the smart home you want. There are many types of smart devices that you can connect to your home: smart lighting, thermostats, smart security detectors, speakers, smart plugs, switches, relays and more. 

nCube is compatible with over 120 devices from different brands and we keep on adding more. Our aim is to maximise your choice and Control, because that will make your home smarter than ever before.

The Smart Devices

Add as many smart devices as you like!

Andrew Smith, Verified Buyer

Jane Herts, Verified Buyer

So Convenient!

Absolutely love this product. It's exactly what I ever wanted my home to be. Everything in my home runs smoothly and automatically. with nCube, not only I get the convenience of a smart home, but it also gives me the security with absolutely no monthly fee!

Andrew Smith

I am so glad that my home sends me a notification whenever my son arrives from school! nCube gives me the peace of mind any working mother needs.

Jane Herts

Simply the best!

Build your connected Home!

Start with the nCube hub and keep adding the devices you need

nCube Hub

Price £134

Sensative Door/Window strip

Price £48

Qubino lighting relay dimmer

Price £48

Danfoss TRV

Price £49

Domitech white LED dimmable bulb

Price £33

Aeotec colour LED bulb

Price £49

Set of three Sensative strips

Price £130

Fibaro eyeball motion sensor

Price £49

Aeotec Multisensor version 6

Price £49

Qubino lighting relay on/off

Price £48

Shop Smart

Buy one of theses kits and save 10%

Save £38


1 Danfoss TRV


2 Qubino lighting relay dimmer

Save £30

2 Aeotec colour LED bulb


1 nCube hub

Smart Home Security Kit

Save £35

Welcome Home Kit

Perfect Ambience Kit

1 Fibaro eyeball motion sensor

  • Let your home welcome you whenever you get home : You can set up the Danfoss Radiator thermostat to the right temperature, the Aoetec light bulbs to the intensity and colour of your choice everytime your Fibaro motion detects your presence at home.
  • The perfect wake up: You can adjust the coffee machine to start, the music to play, the Danfoss Radiator at the right temperature and the Aeotec LED bulbs to slowly switch on at the right intensity and the colour of your choice when the Fibaro detects a motion in the morning.

            And Many More...

  • Perfect Evening Mood: You can set the lights in your living room to dim at specific time and days to create the perfect evening mood for you and your family.
  • Bed Time Mood: You can set up the lights in your children's room and in the hallway to dim at bed time to gently put them to sleep.

           And Many More...







1 nCube hub


1 Set of three Sensative strips

Door/window sensors

1 Aeotec Multisensor version 6

3 Domitech white LED dimmable bulb

  • Scare off the Intruder: You can set the Domitech light bulbs to switch on, the music to a very loud volume and to receive a text message whenever the Sensative door/window sensor senses a door or window opening and you‘re not home.
  • Lived-In feel while you're away: For peace of mind, you can automate the Domitech light Bulbs to switch on and off and the TV to switch on for half an hour at specific times and days to make your home appear lived in while you are away on Holiday.

           And Many More...

1 nCube hub